e t●hat nobody minds but us, isn’t it?● I cried at first—a

nd then I thought t■hat it would be happier if it wa■sn’t lonely and empty, poor■ dear—and then, it was such a beautifu■l day, that I forgot to be unhappy.■” The man bestowed a wrenched smile● on her. “You h

ardly conveye●d the impression of unrelieved g●loom as you came ar

  • ow darkened. ●“It couldn’t possibly hav
  • e been me,” she sa■id in a stately small
  • voice, “because, you see,● I don’t k
  • now you. Perhaps you didn’t know th●at the
  • re is no one living in Green Garde●ns
  • now?” 159 “Oh, yes, I knew. The Fane■
  • s have left for Ceylon, haven’t ■they?”
  • “Sir Harry left two wee■ks ago, becaus
  • e he had to see t■he old governor befor
  • e he sailed, but Lady Aud●rey only left las

  • t week. She had to close the■ London hous
  • e, too, so there was a grea●t deal to do.
  • ” “I see. And● so Green Gardens is d
  • eserted?” “It is sold●,” said Daphne, w
  • ith a small qu●aver in her voice, “j
  • ust thi■s afternoon. I came over to say g
  • ■ood-bye to it, and to get som■e mint an
  • d lavender from the garden.” “S●old?”
  • repeated the man, and there ■was an ag
  • ony of incredulity ●in the stunned whisper.

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